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Install a DC Fast Charger at Home

We make it possible! No more worries about public DC chargers that are too far away from home. You're gonna save more money by using cheaper electricity from your house, your solar system, and your home storage battery.

Premium DC Charging Features

20kW DC Power
No matter whether your vehicle's Onboard charger is 7kw or 11kw, This DC charger can charge up to 20kW. But a 19.2kW AC charger can never go over the Onboard charger's maximum charging power.
OCPP 1.6(2.0 Optional)
You can integrate with any charger APPs, electric vehicle management platforms and payment solutions if you want to make profits from this DC charging station.
IP65 Waterproof
Wattsaving 20kW DC charger can be installed in your garage or outside your house.  
Smart Charging
With our smart charger APP, you can monitor and track your charging status anytime anywhere. It supports communication through WiFi, 4G, and Bluetooth.
CCS1/CCS2 Connector
It's compatible with 99.7% of EV models sold in the market worldwide. We will provide 2 versions: the US version with a CCS1 connector for American EVs and the EU version with a CCS2 connector for European EVs.
Wall Mounted/ Pedestal
You can mount it on the wall or install it with a pedestal according to your charging site. 
Car Towing
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Flood Insurance
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Fire Insurance
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Hail Damage
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Accident Insurance
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Motorcycle Towing
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DC Charging VS AC Charging

What's the biggest difference between them?

An AC charger only passes alternating current to the Onboard charger(OBC) to control the charging process. But in the end, it's the OBC that manages the charging power.

A DC charger inverters alternating current into direct current and charging your car battery directly.

When charging for an electric vehicle(OBC=9.6kW), a 19.2kW AC charger only charges at 9.6kw. But a 20kw DC charger can charge at 20kW.

Why choose a DC charger?
1. If you live in a multifamily residential, a shareable DC fast charging station will make charging more effective and convenient.

2. If you own an electric vehicle with a battery capacity of 100kwh-300kwh, you will spend much less time on charging your car to 80% with a DC fast charger.

3. If you want to install EV charging stations for your shop or business property to attract more foot traffic.

The future of electric vehicle charging
DC charging solutions will be the future of electric vehicle charging. Bidirectional charging technology will connect photovoltaic systems, home energy storage systems and electric vehicle batteries. Wattsaving is also working on DC/DC charging solutions for the green energy future. We believe onboard chargers will be removed from EVs in the soon future.

Small Investment 

Good Pay Back

20kW DC charger finds a balance between home charging and commercial charging. If you do not have enough budget for investing in 120kW DC charging stations, try out this 20kW DC charger as a start. 

Installing a DC charging station will meet your daily charging needs, increase foot traffic to your business, and boost in-store sales. With OCPP 1.6 certification, your DC charger station can be listed on many charger APPs to gain brand awareness.

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Smart Charger APP

We commit to making every charging smart.

This DC Charger supports Bluetooth, WiFi, and 4G connection. With our smart charger APP, you can monitor and track the charging status anytime anywhere. 

Even more, you can operate this DC charger as a profitable charging station. By sharing it with the public, you will earn from transaction fee, government incentives or sponsorship fee.

Diverse options to meet your needs

Both indoors and outdoors
This 20kW DC charger has IP65 waterproof feature for both installations indoors and outdoors. All installation requires to be done by a licensed installer or a Wattsaving certified installer.
Two colors for your option
Blue and silver 2 colors are available.
Two years warranty
Wattsaving provides 24/7 technical support for our customers. 2 Years warranty for backers only.
Wattsaving Partners

Wattsaving has developed long-term partnerships with auto makers BMW, NIO, XPENG, Geely, and ZEEKR.

As a premier electric vehicle charging station company, Wattsaving Electrical Technology Co.,ltd provides true Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) charging stations.


Wattsaving x EVS36

ExWattsaving will exhibit this 20kW DC EV charger on the 36th Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exposition in California.

Also, there will be a full range of both AC and DC charging solutions of Wattsaving showing there. 

We're expecting to meet you there. Visit our booth NO.104.

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