Why Wattsaving Choose 132kW, not 120kW?

Why Wattsaving Choose 132kW, not 120kW?

Wattsaving chose to release its newest 132 kw DC fast charger for electric vehicles, not a general 120kW model with a convincing reason.

The "2022 China Electric Vehicle User Charging Behavior White Paper" provides data: 72% of users prefer charging stations with a power of 120kW or higher. 120kW is the king of cost-effectiveness, but in a situation where 132kW and 120kW are priced the same, 132kW will obviously be more popular.

For the majority of models on the market, it is estimated that over 80% of them have a battery voltage range of 300V-400V, with a maximum allowable charging current of less than 200A. These two indicators are not provided in the vehicle's public parameters by the automakers, and many users are also unaware of them, as are many sales consultants at 4S stores. 

For non-liquid-cooled charging guns in China, the maximum current is 250A; for European standard charging guns, the maximum current is 200A. In fact, charging guns should not operate at maximum current, and it is best to reduce them to 220A.

For a 132kW charging gun, when a single gun is in operation, the maximum power is 132kW. Assuming the minimum voltage of the charged vehicle is 300V, the corresponding charging current is: 132kW/300V=440A, which exceeds the limit and needs to be reduced to 250A (preferably reduced to 220A).

If two guns work simultaneously, the maximum power of a single gun is 66kW, corresponding to the charging current: 66kW/300V=220A, which just reaches the maximum charging current for long-term durability of a gun.

If it is a 120kW double gun, the maximum power is 60kW, corresponding to the charging current: 60kW/300V=200A. Some EV charger operators are concerned about this 20A, 6kW difference. 6kW equals 6 kWh of charge in one hour.

Therefore, based on the above calculations, we know that upgrading from 120kW to 132kW DC fast charger is more suitable for charging operators.

Wattsaving 132kw DC Fast Charger

The Wattsaving T132 132kW DC fast charger will be a hot-selling product in the charging operator market.

  • The T132 adopts the fourth-generation high-power density module of Wattsaving, which can be widely used in public operations, logistics parks, 4S stores, tourist attractions, commercial complexes, highway service areas, airport energy replenishment, and other scenarios.

  • As the king of cost-effectiveness, it offers 12kW more power than other charging stations at the same price. For drivers, it ensures worry-free journeys and smooth travels; for charging stations, it leads to higher turnover rates and greater profitability.

  • It boasts peak aesthetics, simple yet luxurious; it embodies the industrial aesthetics of Wattsaving between square and circle.

  • Compatible with platforms ranging from 200V to 1000Vdc voltage, compatible with 12V/24V auxiliary power, compatible with 2015/2015+/Chaoji charging protocols, adaptable to various charging scenarios.

  • It can be paired with the Wattsaving Cloud 2.0 platform for rapid deployment, cloud-based collaboration, and large-screen display of charging data. It can also be paired with third-party platforms, supporting TCP multi-connections to absorb traffic from different platforms.

  • Each intelligent component supports OTA, continuously optimizing functions, and upgrading the charging experience. It supports remote operation and maintenance, directly managed by original factory engineers.

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